Personal Training in Bad Soden, Kronberg & Königstein 

Personal Training

Real Body Transformation fitness training

We understand each client is unique.  No two bodies are alike.  There is no efficient “one size fits all” method.  We prefer to call our fitness programs, “wellness performance programs”.  Why?  Because we are invested in more than just your fitness training sessions.   

There are 168 hours in a week.  What you do with every hour matters in relation to your health ambitions.  Is your nutrition on point?  Or are you trying to out-train a poor diet?  Are your current fitness workouts effective?  Training at the right intensity, enough volume, frequency for your goals?  Do you recover optimally?  Getting enough sleep?  Can you successfully implement healthier habits into and around your busy schedule. 

We are more than just glorified rep counters and go far beyond what a typical personal training service provides.  We go deep into everything health and fitness related, mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery and aim to ensure every aspect of these is on point.

We understand you are busy, so we strive to deliver a program that meets and your own requirements and goals, but one that slides seamlessly into your current schedule that causes you minimum disruption to your busy life.

Home or outdoor fitness training

We can deliver fitness training sessions to your home or if you prefer, workout outside in your favorite park.  It’s fitness training where you want, convenient to you.  For a great fitness workout, we will train with kettlebells, resistance band, TRX, boxing and much more.

Personal Training in a fitness studio

We have affiliated with two excellent fitness studios in the Taunus region just outside of Frankfurt.  Dornsports in Bad Soden am Taunus and Weber Training in Kronberg.  Both fitness studios offer a huge range of fitness equipment which allows for an awesome personal training experience.

in house Personal Training in Bad Soden, Kronberg & Königstein

Alongside our affiliation fitness studios in Bad Soden am Taunus & Kronberg for personal training.  We can also bring our personal fitness training services to you in and around Bad Soden, Kronberg & Königstein.

Take the guess work out of fitness training

Trust in the process

Where & How

We can start off with a free consultation in-person or over Skype so we can find out exactly where you are at, where you want to go, so we know how we are going to help you get there.

Our goal is to find your “why”. We believe it is extremely important to get to the root of your inspiration in order for you to sustain the changes you’re willing to make.

We also want to know about past experiences regarding fitness & nutrition.  What have you done?  What were the results?  How can we make the experience better?  Let’s learn from past experiences to ensure tomorrows success through better planning and execution.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Your nutritional & lifestyle choices are of vital importance when it comes to reaching your health goals.  Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or performance – nutrition is key.  We will help you understand what is required and help you develop a way to effortlessly add this to your every day routine.

Have you ever decided to make a sudden decision to drastically change your diet, only to completely trash the idea a week later?  Not anymore.

We will help you make the small habitual changes you will need to create the sustainable long term change you’re looking for.


Training & Support

Do you think a fitness program built for “Everyone” is going to be right for you and your health goals? We certainly don’t.

Your fitness training program will be uniquely yours, built around your fitness requirements and busy life schedule.

While we set out to design a plan to achieve your fitness goals within the shortest time frame possible,  we also believe in sustainability.

We think long term.  Fitness for life, a true healthier lifestyle along side unparalleled support for sustainable results and success.

Private Group Personal Fitness Training

Private group fitness training allows you to train with a small group of people (family, friends, work colleagues) while still getting the benefits of working closely with a Personal Trainer.

Take your fitness training to a whole new level alongside friendly competition and inner circle support.  Contact us to find out how we can create a fitness program that everyone can benefit from.

Personal Training - A healthy investment

Personal Training Package Information

Standard 10 Pack

Standard 10 x 45 minute personal training pack.


6 Week Body Blitz Offensive



The Body Blitz Offensive is an intense 6 week foundation program that is perfect for those who need a jump start into a successful health journey.

Have you found yourself in the past, where you began a new fitness or diet regime only to quit soon after?  If so,  this program is perfect for you.  There is no quitting this damn time!

A large emphasis of this program is to develop a healthy habitual routine of not just movement but also nutrition through knowledge and constant support.

We want you walking away after these 6 weeks not just fitter, but more knowledgeable and mentally stronger and more self-disciplined.

With this you will be empowered to overcome all setbacks  and be committed to yourself and your health allowing you to make constant sustainable success for years to come.





The 12 week Full Body Revolution program is perfect for those that require serious changes to their body composition and fitness levels.

Making sustainable positive changes to your health & fitness takes time.  Through experience,  12 weeks is an adequete time to see noticable improvements in health & wellness, provided a consistent level of movement and good nutrition is adheared to.



Small Group Personal Training

On application, we can put together specialized packages if you wish to train with friends or family members of up to 4 people.

Training within a small private group is a great way to train.  A little bit of friendly competition can be a great motivator and having extra support amongst each other can be beneficial.

However the challenge with group fitness personal training is that we have to take into account the different health goals, fitness levels and nutritional habits of each client to ensure we deliver the best fitness service possible.

Please contact us and we can go over all the requirements to ensure a first class personal training experience for all.  


Express 30 Minute Sessions

Express sessions are available on application. 


Free Consultation

Let’s discuss what you want and what you need.  We can meet in personal or conduct the fitness consultation over Skype.  We can then put together a suitable fitness & nutrition plan and devise the best strategy moving forward should you wish to continue.

No Lock in Contracts

It’s personal training with financial flexibility.  There are no lock in contracts.  You may cancel any time.  We are extremely confident in our fitness services that we feel there is no need for long term contracts.

No Cancellation Fees

Miss a fitness training session. No problems, there will be no charge and we will reschedule another personal training session as soon as possible.  

Flexible payment options

We can come up with flexible payment terms for you for any of our personal training packages.  It’s personal training with flexibility.

Personal Training Prices

* 19% VAT inclusive in all prices