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Online Personal Fitness Coaching

It’s online personal training taken to a whole new level through our fitness app.  Follow an individualized fitness plan developed by an experienced personal trainer, delivered seamlessly through an in-depth fitness app.  Online fitness, anywhere, anytime.

Experience a world class fitness and nutrition program directly through our online personal training fitness app.

It’s our mission to bring a personal touch to our online personal training platform by designing a bespoke wellness training and nutrition plan tailored to you and your goals.

Included into our compact fitness app is everything you need from individualized fitness programs, nutrition plans, workout video demonstrations to workout scheduling, results tracking and much more.

This is perfect fitness solution for the self motivated, frequent traveler or anyone that requires expert guidance in reaching their health goals in the quickest time frame possible.

It’s online personal training with a personal touch.

A truly customized wellness program

No more guess work.  Get an individualized wellness program that covers all the bases from exercise to nutrition and everything in between.  Train smarter and more effectively today with an indepth online personal training solution.

The Online Personal Training Process

How it works


Online Personal Training


We will discuss everything from goals, previous medical & fitness history, circumstances and preferences and more.

Training Program

Based on your needs regarding goals, time & availability of fitness eqiupment, we will design a reliable and efficient fitness training plan.

24/7 Support

Call, Email, Skype or through the built in messenger on the fitness app.  

Nutrition Overhaul

We will scrutinize your current dietary trends and will look to develop better nutritional practices.    

4 Week Review

Together, every 4 weeks we will review the wellness program to make adjustments as to ensure constant progress.

Monthly Plans

Monthly subscription plans with no lock in contracts so you can cancel anytime.

Online Fitness App Features

fitness app features


Online Personal Trainer

Individualized Training Programs

Based on your fitness goals, we will create your very own fitness training program within a schedule that fits in with your lifestyle.

Meal Plans & Food Tracking

Customized meal plans & food tracking to help keep you accountable and on track to reach your health goals.

Results Tracking

Track workout results, body measurements, fitness tests, photo progress and much more.

Full Support

Full support always through in-app messenger platform.  You can easily upload photos and videos to your trainer for critique.

Exercise Video Library

A massive library of exercise and assessment videos, all with detailed descriptions and coaching cues.

App Integration

Seamless integration with other apps such as MyFitnessPal, Myzone & Fitbit.

Habit Coaching & Tracking

Create long term healthier routines with habit coaching and tracking.

Train Smarter, make every workout count

With an individualized fitness program,  you are guaranteed a fitness workout that is specific to you and your goals.  Train smarter, more efficiently and fully reap the rewards from your efforts.  


an investment in good health

online personal training information

Full access to customized fitness & nutrition plans alongside results tracking for the ultimate online personal training experience.


  • Access training plans with video demonstrations
  • Scheduled workouts
  • Access to meal plans
  • Communicate with your coach in real time with the in-app messenger
  • Track all workouts & records
  • Photo progress
  • Food diary tracking with constant feedback and from your fitness coach
  • In-app video recorder where you can record your technique for critique

    Free Consultation over Skype

    60 minute Skype call.  This is a great opportunity for both of us to understand what is required from each other moving forward.  We will discuss all aspects fitness related including nutrition and goal setting.    

    No Fitness Equipment Required

    While having access to a fully equipped fitness studio is great, not everyone has that luxury.  Calling on years of experience, we can design a fitness routine around minimal equipment that will still deliver results.

    Cancel Any Time

    There are no long term contracts or membership fees.  You can cancel your subscription anytime you like.

    Online Personal Training Plans