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Fitness Studio in Bad Soden & Kronberg

Elevate your fitness training inside a fitness studio

Create your own atmosphere, turn up your favorite music and get into your peak fitness workout zone.  We have access to conduct personal training sessions inside two excellent fitness studios in the Taunus region.  We are affiliated with Dornsports in Bad Soden am Taunus and Weber Training in Kronberg.

Both of these fitness studios offer a wide range of fitness equipment so you can be assured that every fitness training workout is optimal and enjoyable for your personal training sessions.


Semi-Private Personal Training

Workout in the comfort and privacy with your personal trainer. No waiting for equipment or being gazed upon by judgmental eyes.

Fully Equipped Fitness Studio

Always and excellent personal training session.  Utilize a wide range of fitness equipment, free weights, kettlebells, suspension trainers and much more.  An optimum fitness workout, every single session.

Your Own Music

Turn up the speakers and blast turn your workout up a notch with your own music playlists.

Shower Facilities

Push your limits, build up a sweat.  Freshen up after your workout and dominate the rest of your day. 

No Membership Fees

There is no requirement to pay for a membership for access to the fitness studio when conducting sessions with your personal trainer.

Convenient Parking

No hassle convenient on-site parking is available at both fitness studio locations.

Fitness Studio Locations - Taunus

Both fitness studios are located in the Taunus region, North-West of Frankfurt am Main.  Both of these fitness studios offer a wide range of fitness training equipment so you can be sure of a great workout every single fitness training session with your Personal Trainer.


Alleestra. 24
65812 Bad Soden am Taunus


Friedrichstr. 71
61476 Kronberg

If you are interested in personal training within one of these excellent fitness studios, please contact us to find out more.


Weber Training