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Originally from New Zealand and growing up in Australia, I now find myself living in Germany via a 12 year stop over in sunny Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Since 2005, I have had the pleasure enriching many lives through fitness coaching from all walks of life throughout Australia and the UAE.  Whether through private fitness training, group exercise classes, corporate health programs, social initiatives,  I have had have the opportunity to help many people achieve their health and wellbeing goals. 

Now in Germany,  I aim to continue to help people through proven fitness training methods and realistic nutrition strategies so you too can become the strongest, healthiest, fittest and happiest version of yourself for a better quality of life.

I look forward to working with you!

Gerard Hatfield

Fitness Coach in Bad Soden Kronberg


Master Trainer Exercise Science & Nutrition (Australia)

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Strength & Conditioning - ASCA

Thump Advanced Boxing

TRX Trainer

Kettlebell Instructor


Become Dedicated & Disciplined

Initially there is a spark, a moment that gets you into first gear.  You are motivated! You find a workout that promises “extreme weight loss in 30 days” alongside its “special shredding” nutritional plan.

You begin, now (without going into detail) you fail a few days later.  Now you feel guilty, sad, a bit helpless.  You have fallen off yet again.

It’s a vicious cycle.  It tends to begin on Monday or the start of the month only to fall flat a few days later.  Weeks and months pass,  little progress is made, new fitness and eating trends emerge, motivated,  you begin again only to end up back at square one.

The key to success starts with mindset.  It all begins upstairs!  Motivation is the ignition switch but self discipline is how one achieves real success.  It’s being able to implement proven strategies around a bespoke fitness & nutritional program,  preparation and the creation of healthier habits and being able to follow this new lifestyle, day in, day out so it becomes YOUR lifestyle.

Most of these generic fitness programs fail due to the fact they may only focus on one health component or fail to take into account your current health levels or lifestyle trends.  It’s time to get off that vicious cycle!

Since 2005 I have seen many fitness trends and fads come and go.  Let me help you find a smarter fitness & nutrtional approach that is individualised to you.

Starting is the hardest part,  but in only three months your body will thank you for it.

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Personal Fitness Trainer in Bad Soden

Sports Performance Training

Knowing the value of teamwork and support through years of competitive sports.  Understanding the training behind peforming at peak performance.

Personal Trainer in Kronberg

Social Wellness Education

Working alongside socially responsible businesses to help develop and deliver social wellness education programs focusing on health, wellness and fitness.

fitness bootcamp bad soden

Bootcamp Fitness Dubai

Dubai 2008.  The outdoor fitness boom, more specifically military bootcamp.  Instructing early morning bootcamp sessions in high temps and humidity.  Sweat and sand everywhere!!  Never an easy session, but results guaranteed.