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Home Fitness Workout

Written by Gerard Hatfield

March 20, 2020

Home Workout Fitness Equipment


Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, I have been frequently asked for my recommendations regarding fitness equipment that would be suitable fitness tools for staying fit at home.  Whilst there are plenty of exercises you can do with just your own body weight,  there are many fitness tools available that you can include to increase the variety and intensity of your home workouts.

It would be great to have a large enough space alongside a large budget for a complete home gym with your favorite fitness equipment, however for most of us, that is not a viable option.  So in this guide I am going to focus equipment that is the best “bang for your buck” whilst being extremely effective and taking up as little room as possible.  With the following fitness equipment,  you can continue to workout at home and stay fit during this time.    

“With the right fitness equipment, you can workout at home effectively, without the need for a large space or budget.”

Supercharge Your Home Workout With These 5 Pieces of Fitness Equipment

Suspension Trainer Kit / Gymnastic Rings

While very similar,  the Suspension Trainer and Gym Rings each have their advantages.  Both are extremely versatile fitness tools and one option or even both can be a great addition to your home fitness workout regime.

The main benefit of the Suspension Trainer over the Rings is that it simply offers more functionality with regards to mounting options.  It can be mounted to a wall or ceiling with a special mount attachment or can be used with a special door attachment on a closed door.  It also functions better and more comfortably with exercises that require your feet inserted in the handles such as the Atomic Push Up.

While the Suspension Trainer can also mount on a suitable beam,  for the Gym Rings,  this is the only mounting solution.  However the Gymnast Rings offer better comfort with movements such as Chest Dips and Push Ups as well as more advanced gymnast style movements for the more advanced trainer.

Any one of these options would be a fantastic home workout option however for most,  a Suspension Trainer like the “TRX” would be the most suitable due to more exercise variety, suitable mounting options and is far more beginner friendly.

home fitness training rings

Gymnast Rings –  A bit more advanced with a slightly higher learning curve but still a great option for a home gym provided you have somewhere to safely hang them.

home workout fitness

TRX Trainer - Easily mountable and extremely versatile with a range of beginner to advanced fitness movements.  Great for a home workout!

Skipping Rope

Jump Rope, Skipping Rope or Springseil –  The first German fitness equipment word I learned! Call it what you will.  This piece of fitness kit is self explanatory.  

A perfect piece of fitness equipment for the home gym that fits seamlessly into any home workout plan.  Great for cardiovascular health and burning calories without the need for much space.

skipping home workout

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are extremely versatile with many options available for all types of fitness and health applications.  Not only can they can be used as a resistance tool but are also great for mobility and stretching.  There are many different types of resistance bands ranging from bands with handles, therapy flat bands, loop bands and power bands to name a few.

Resistance bands with handles provide a sturdy grip and allow for exercises that would be similar to ones you might perform in a gym.

Therapy flat resistance bands tend to be wide and flat making it easy to wrap your hand around.  These types of bands are frequency used in physiotherapy as well as Pilates programs.

Loop bands are similar to Therapy bands however they tend to be thicker and smaller and frequently used in lower body exercises.

Power bands are heavy duty and frequently used in power and explosive movements as well as adding considerable resistance.



The humble Kettlebell has made a bit of a resurgence as a popular piece of fitness kit in the last decade and for good reason.  One of the main advantages of the Kettlebell over the more fancied Dumbell is that they are more suited to dynamic movements.  A Kettlebell Swing comes to mind as one of the foundation dynamic movements which is great for increasing your heart rate (cardiovascular fitness) and developing your posterior chain –  those important muscles you don’t see in the mirror (back, glutes, hamstrings etc).

The Kettlebell is a real all-rounder, extremely versatile and should be a staple in any home gym. 

A kettlebell swing in motion - a staple fitness movement in kettlebell training.

Foam Roller

Foam rolling can relieve muscle tightness and soreness.  It is an effective fitness tool that can be used for warm-up or cool-down purposes before or after exercise.  One of my favorite ways of using a Foam Roller is for rolling my back, especially my upper back (Thoracic).  It is great for self-myofascial release which essentially is a fancy word for relieving tension in soft tissue (muscle).  

Effective Fitness Training at Home

With the fitness equipment above,  there is only a requirement for a small footprint of floor space, small outlay of cost and your own self-discipline required to crack on.  As you can see, there really is no excuse not to workout at home and keep on top of your health and fitness today.

Contact us anytime should your require help or have any questions how to make a home workout more effective or perhaps individualize your home workouts with a customized home workout fitness plan tailored for your fitness goals with our online personal training fitness app.

For more info on our Fitness Training Services at Hatfield Personal Training please contact us at [email protected]

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