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Don’t settle for second best.  Do work,  do better, do you.  Sweat, get sore, nourish with good food, attack again.  Get tired, learn to rest not to quit.  Get up, go again, be better than yesterday.  Create the habit, it’s part of your lifestyle.  Keep pushing forward alongside an experienced personal trainer.

Take the guess workout out of fitness training and accelerate your success with guidance from an experienced Personal Trainer.  

Our aim is to go above and beyond when it comes to your health and fitness goals.  We believe that quality personal training is more than just fitness coaching. 

We focus on other key wellness areas such as mindset, healthier habit creation, nutrition and recovery for success.  This is the key to sustainable health and fitness.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase lean muscle mass or improve your fitness and general wellbeing, we have the expertise to help you build a fitter, stronger and healthier body.


Fitness Coaching Services

Fitter, Stronger, Leaner

We offer a range of fitness services from In-house and Fitness Studio Personal Training, Outdoor Group Fitness and Online Personal Training.  Get started today, ignite your fitness training journey and dominate your health goals today.   

There is no better time to start, don’t put it off any longer.  Contact us today and discover how we can put together a fully individualized wellness program for you.  Get fitter, stronger & leaner with an experienced personal trainer

Personal Trainer

Personal Training

Train with an experienced Personal Trainer at home, outside or in a Fitness Studio in either Bad Soden am Taunus or Kronberg.

Personal Trainer Kronberg

Bootcamp Fitness

Coming soon - Bootcamp Bad Soden am Taunus

Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Training

A Personal Trainer in your pocket.  Complete fitness coaching and wellness plan on the go through our online personal training fitness app.

More than just a fitness coach

Motivation is temporary, Discipline is permanent



This is where it starts or ends.  Success or failure.  The need for a strong mindset is key for developing new behaviors that become habitual.  Learn to have the self discipline to keep pushing forward through the tough times.  But also have the understanding how to overcome failure and refocus on getting back on the right path.



Train safely and efficiently in relation to your fitness goals.  Understand how to effectively workout as well as implement active recovery movement into your schedule and do it in a way that is enjoyable so you keep coming back for more.



There is no need for extreme restriction on fad or trending diets.  We help you understand healthier nutrition principles around better food choices, portion sizes and timing based on your lifestyle and fitness goals.  Improve your health & fitness from the inside through better nutritional protocols.



An optimum recovery will give you the ability to bounce back quicker and in turn allow you to train again at a higher level of intensity, thus increasing the effectiveness of your fitness training workouts.

Personal Trainer Frankfurt

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Keeping fit and healthy is extremely important to me as I edge ever so closer to the big 40, also as I row competitively, peak performance is something I continually strive for.

Training with Gerard for the past 8 years has kept me in great physical shape and perform at my best.  He is a top Personal Trainer!

Daniel Wood

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Being in the health and fitness industry myself for nearly 20 years, few fitness trainers have displayed an excellent level of knowledge in different fitness training, programming / nutritional protocols & professionalism as Gerard during our time as colleagues in Dubai.

As a coach and professional fitness athlete, I don’t think I could speak more highly of a personal trainer in the fitness industry.

Dale Webb

Mr Fitness Australia 2017 - MDO of Organic Pros

We trained with Gerard over a period of 3 years, we thoroughly enjoyed our training routine during this time. He also helped me bounce back post pregnancy! He’s a great Personal Trainer and we both highly recommend him.

Nat & Khalifa Al Masaood

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Fitness Studio Locations

Both fitness studios are located in the Taunus region, North-West of Frankfurt am Main.  We have affiliated with these two fitness studios which allows access for our personal training clients.  Both fitness studios offer an excellent range of fitness equipment which allows for an exceptional personal training workout and experience. 


Alleestr. 24
65812 Bad Soden am Taunus


Friedrichstr. 71
61476 Kronberg

For more information regarding these two fitness facilities please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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